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Who we are

Working towards a bright future for all children

This group was started by a family who have lived the nightmare of Childhood Cancer.

Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins - everyone in a family is profoundly affected when a child is diagnosed. We have agreed to make it our mission to do what we can to improve the life quality and outcomes for children with cancer.

Three generations of women
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What drives us

Our Inspiration

When Elsie was diagnosed with Stage 4, High Risk, Neuroblastoma in July 2017 our world was turned upside down. No parent or grandparent ever expects to watch their precious child face grueling treatment without even know they will come out the other end. Through our experience we met awesome people and heard heart breaking as well as heart warming stories. 

We have found that many people don't know what to look out for to help early diagnosis. We also know that research is seriously underfunded and clinical trials costly and hard to access for New Zealand Children.

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Our Vision

What we are aiming to support

  • Earlier diagnosis leading to better outcomes and survival rates

  • Availability of less aggressive treatments with fewer side effects

  • Families affected by child cancer to have access to pastoral support

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Our Mission

Will do our best to

  • Raise awareness of the impact of child cancer on families and how people can help

  • Raise funds for research to improve treatment and help eradicate child cancer

  • Information and awareness raising for health professionals around identification and diagnosis

  • Provide information for families around cancer journey and support networks

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